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Welcome to Strings N’ Cables. This blog is the ultimate treat for a musician. Here, you get honest reviews on gear I’ve used and also a peek into the different philosophies surrounding the concept of music we all have. Here at this blog, I aspire to help you know where to spend your money and have a deeper perspective on music. The reviews you get here will be a result of the use of the concerned gear over a significant period of time. Here, you will have the opportunity to discuss things about the gear you will be investing in. Post a comment and I’ll get back to you. I personally am a very passionate musician and want to spend my money wisely. I have made some really good choices and some really bad choices. Over my few but eventful years as a musician, I have come across a lot of gear and a lot of knowledge because of it. This is my way of sharing it with people, helping them to know a little more about the gear they use. Even though a lot of the reviews here will be music-related, I will also be posting reviews on a lot of other stuff like laptops, phones and anything under the sun that you have to spend your money on because, let’s face it, technology is now taking music to new territories of imagination. So, hope in and give this blog a follow. You just might find something that will help you.

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